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Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians set a world record for largest fireworks display shot on COBRA Firing Systems at Sky Wars with a show containing five thousand pyrotechnic devices choreographed to Taylor Swift songs.

SkyWars 2023 update:  CONGRATULATIONS to Donnie Toms with Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians on officially winning our second-ever Pro Display competition division! Thank you Donnie & team for sticking it out with us an additional night to present a killer show that we think would impress Taylor herself. 

Pyrotechnic club Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP) and team lead Donnie Toms had much to celebrate when their massive Taylor Swift-themed firework display successfully launched on Sunday, September 24th in Innsbrook, Missouri after it was delayed 24 hours due to a lightning storm. The show, which contained five thousand pyrotechnic devices and featured several rarely-seen elements, not only earned Toms and his team the Pro Display competition win of the 2023 Sky Wars: US Fireworks Championship; it is also recognized as the largest pyrotechnics display in the world to date to be shot using COBRA Firing Systems.

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World Record-Size ‘Taylor Swift’ Fireworks Show wins 2023 Pro Fireworks Championship

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Photo shot by Dan Haines
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